A ghost reappearing…

ok hello everyone who misses AM um…please to people out there, Awakened Memories is officially CLOSED so please stop sending me emails and pms that regard you wanting to volunteer to be a proofreader/editor which is kinda hard since the group isn’t even open anymore ^^;

Regarding that…

whether i’ll be able to continue AM or someone else will is still left to the future and for now or at least for me AM is closed as much as it hurts and regarding the projects they will be continued but given to other groups such as joints would go to their other group and ours i will choose to send.


It is sadly true that Awakened Memories will be permanently shut down T_T due to not having enough time to run this place and running away staff. We would like to thank everybody that have supported us and i (the owner) will always have AM in my heart~